In the GREAT HALL at ST. JOHN’S COLLEGE Sunday, August 28 at 7pm Experience Cervantes in a new voice. Fernando Barros, a native of Granada, Spain, presents Miguel de Cervantes in a unique combination of video, song and lecture for St. John’s opening semester study on Don Quixote. This enchanting tale has been touted as the world’s premier work of fiction, whereby Cervantes recounts the whimsies, escapades and dreams of this Spaniard in search of his place in realms real and imagined. Fernando’s expertise in composing for the writers and poets of his countrymen serves to link the past with a contemporary interpretation of key aspects of text. Additionally, students will be engaged in dialogue about some of the following concepts: 1) What conditions are necessary to create music/ art? 2) Discover the music inherent in language and poetry. 3) How is emotion the key element in creativity? 4) Identify new approaches in reforms in education that lead to breakthroughs in learning and creativity.

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