Fernando Barros and Melissa Moore present The Metamorphics: Tito Rios, Brian Nelson & Juan Aniceto

 P O E T R Y  as  M U S I C

The Innate Musicality of Poetry

As it is well known, the sounds that humans make to express emotions and ideas contain meaningful tonality. Our words range from subtle beauties to bombastic tirades, designed to captivate listeners. 

As a consequence, it is easily deduced that every language has its own musicality, synthesizing the full history of its evolution. Spoken and sung languages are performed with an inescapable rhythmic sense, synchronizing the physiological need to breathe – silent inhalation of air timed with expressive exhalation. 

Translations of texts from one language to another offer us the possibility of uncovering the genesis of ideas and emotions that are revealed via differing languages. However, the musicality of ideas in the original  language frequently disappears in the language to which it has been translated.

Our creative innovation marries one tradition with another, inclusive of certain melodies with alternative poetic writings, not simply a direct translation of the original lyrics. Our concerts extrapolate on Leonard Cohen’s musical compositions, along with classics, to receive the texts or poems written by Spanish authors of the past, such as Miguel de Cervantes and Federico Garcia Lorca. 

The unique capacity of Fernando Barros, Spanish composer and singer who hears the innate musicality in the poetry and prose as written by his countrymen, allows full innovation and revelation in metamorphosis. He scrupulously respects the melodies that contain the verses of the authors he chooses so that their ideas become known in another language: music. He never alters the original text of the author, because he considers it sacred to the fullness of the author’s voice, and that it would be a betrayal to decompose the texts.

  • Inherent in the history of music is its ability to cross borders & bridge epochs. 
  • As humans strive to honor unity within diversity, our performance/educational works reveal innate, historical desires to resolve differences.
  • Woven into a time and place are the unique cultural textures that illuminate, define and enrich a people. 
  • We proudly present the three essential pillars of our Andalusian flamenco culture: literature (poetry & prose); music (Sephardic, ancient melodies and Spanish lineage); dance (rhythm & harmony).
  • Our performances reveal a wealth of historical references and selected poems, combined with both original compositions & traditional flamenco music. Additional features include audiovisual biographies.
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